About Me


My name is DeeJay Neilson. All my life i enjoyed taking photographs, until the last recent years I started to take it more seriously.

It all started in the last few years, I was going out bike runs with a friend and was seeing beautiful scenery, every five minutes I had to stop and take another photo. I ended up getting my first camera and i was hooked. i was taking it on all of my bike runs and started capturing things i would never had noticed first time around, trees, landscapes, wildlife, architecture. suddenly there was alot more that I noticed.

I soon knew Photography that was first a hobby turned into a passion and I had to learn more. I watched endless hours of tutorials on Youtube on how to up my game, I eventually thought to myself that I would like to learn even more so I could have a career in doing something I love.

So now I am currently a full time HND Photography student, I have converted my garage into a small Studio, enabling me to do some small photoshoots and get myself out there and make a name for myself!