Another week bites the dust!

  • September 6, 2019

Du Du Du, Another week bites the dust!

Well thats week 2 over, its scary how much time flys when your having fun. This week there has been some critiques, presentations and checking research images so that I can now write up about them.
Over the last week I have been trying to get over the amount of work I will have to do over this semester and start to plan on what shoots and images I am going to create. For fashion I am going with a theme of contemporary vs a more vintage look, inspired by Peaky Blinders. I have some ideas for my Photojournalism assignments which i will elaborate next week when i get more of an idea of how to execute them.
For documentary I am going to have a project called “Lanark – A window to the past” in which I will be taking old photographs from the bygone days in the same location to show how things have changed over the years. I have an appointment on Monday with the New Lanark Heritage Center to get some images for this project which I am highly looking forward to.
So another busy week has past and no doubt another busy week ahead, but ive loved every minute of it so far, stress levels seem ok at the moment but no doubt they will change once i get into it all, as of now im looking forward to getting it done!

Untill next time!

Cheers, DeeJay

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