Busy Busy Busy

  • September 23, 2019

Busy Busy Busy!

Last week was non stop but brilliant! Starting with a trip to Chatelerault with Lewis, he showed how to balance ambient light with flash and how to spot small distractions to create flawless images. He also helped discuss techniques for posing which was a great help when I applied them for my own images. Overall the day was a success, I ended up with various images of different models in different enviroments.
On Thursday, the class was sent out to get images for photojournalism. Michael, Connor and myself went into Glasgow, initially to go to Botanic Gardens for some natural history, and while on route we would get some street on the way… Feeling confident where the Botanic gardens were i led the way, not realizing we were actually going in the completely wrong direction. What i thought was the Botanic Gardens, was actually The Peoples Palace. My bad… At leist we got some street along the way lol
As saturday was a beautiful day, so decided to have a family day out! we went into Glasgow and went to Kelvingrove Art Gallery. Again taking the camera got some more street along the way. I checked google maps when we got out of the Museum and we were not actually that far from the Botanic Gardens, so I sweet talked the family into going and i got some natural history that I missed on Thursday.
So this has been a very busy week but a practical one! Its good to get away from the heavy writing for a while. Back to business this week however! No rest for the wicked as they say…

Cheers, DeeJay

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