Feeling the “Pressure”

  • October 9, 2019

Feeling The "Pressure"

So two weeks have past and guess what I have done?.. More Writing. Although it has been quite tedious, its been enjoyable having to strip and break down images and figuring out the thought process of the photographers. But the last of the Written is now in the drop box and I can now focus on the practical side of things.
The pressure projects however has been keeping us busy and gives us a break from all the writing and get our creative thoughts going. Documentary pressure project had us taking images that tells our loves and passions with only taking 5 images to space that means the most to us. It was a good experience with putting things into perspective in what I would miss if I were to never return.
Another pressure project that was undertaken was Fashion, which was definitely a definition of pressure. Both organised locations fell through and we literally had to think on the spot on where to go. In the end up we went to a multi-story car park and took a spontaneous trip to Summer-lee Museum for a more vintage shoot. We were definitely “feeling it” as we ended up getting better locations and possibly better images if we were to stick with the original ideas.
Onto next week, its the October week but no rest for the wicked. On tuesday I will be meeting up again with Ber from Lanark Museum so i can obtain higher quality copies of the viontage images of Old Lanark and will begin getting them printed to start taking my images.
Untill next week…

Cheers, DeeJay

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