Full Speed Ahead!

  • November 4, 2019

Full Speed Ahead!

Well I never realised that I had not updated the blog in so long, I will make sure i am more up to date on things. there has been alot of stuff going on recently, more so in Photojournalism. When im not at college, im working. when im not working im out doing shoots… can be stressfull at times but im pushing through it!
So, in the last few weeks I have done various photojournalism assignments covering Sport, natural History, Street, Litter & Waste. These assignments have taken most of my time. In the middle of this i have also been testing out a light stick that i made to try something different with fashion and a Halloween style shoot. Seen Below \/
For documentary, I have been tasked to take an environmental portrait showing an individual in either their work or showing their hobbies. For my Portrait I have taken an image of a local tattoo artist. For my documentary project itself I went back down to Lanark Museums archive and I was able to get more high res versions of the images, as the previous ones were too small to print. However that is the ball now rolling and it is full speed ahead. All my images are printed ready to go to the locations and start the project!
This week there is another pressure Project, so check back next week for more news!

Cheers, DeeJay

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